Gypsy Jayne is an energizing shot of pure passion. Earthy eclecticism (think old-school country, jazz, gospel, and rock, and you’re just beginning to scratch the surface) and sheer, contagious joy make every show an unforgettable experience. The unique band from Lubbock, Texas has captivated audiences at the Cactus Theater, The Blue Light, 4th on Broadway, First Friday Art Trail, the Burk Brothers' Memorial Bash, the Texas Boys Ranch Telethon, Abuelo’s, Mean Woman Grill, Skooner’s, the funky door,  The Spoon, and Pub50.

The group’s leader, Gypsy Jayne, is a soulful singer somewhat reminiscent of artists such as Janis Joplin, doris day, grace slick, melanie, and many more. Her intense rhythmic guitar style was honed playing folk in Colorado, jazz standards in Texas, and blues in the deep south of Alabama. Along the way, she developed an honest and humorous writing style that covers everything from personal loss and social injustice to love and life as a pirate. With her formidably talented bandmates, Gypsy Jayne brings folks together in a glorious celebration of music, art and life.